When it Gets Crisp

I'm taking a quick break from working to write a little post. Today was the first day that it actually felt like autumn here. Last night there was definitely some crisp in the air. That fresh, clean sensation that I just crave during the summer. It is here!

Autumn is the most romantic of all seasons. The adventuring of summer is through. The world truly is new with the changing colors, new school schedules, students, and projects. Life is about settling in. Getting cozy. Warm drinks and blankets. Baking cookies and other treats serves a dual purpose: to eat and to warm up the home. I simply can't wait for the temperatures to continue to cool. I long for the first day of long sleeves and sweaters. And all the celebrations: Halloween, birthdays (Sean's, my mom's, my brother's, and mine), and Thanksgiving are coming right up. The season of gift and thanks giving is here.

I have a good feeling about this quarter. I feel refreshed. I haven't felt this good since the spring before prelims. I'm starting to rediscover why I am in graduate school. It seems crazy... but I think maybe it did take a full year to recover from the exam. I feel balanced again.

So... I'm going back to work! Happy Autumn, everyone!

P.S. The above Great Gatsby quote was stolen from the lady script.