A Handful of Photographs

Hello from Bountiful, Utah! The past couple of days have been oodles of fun!

On Thursday, Aurora took Khrystine and me to the Journey/Foreigner concert where we had a blast...

Then on Friday, Ali and I got haircuts (twas much needed for me!)... chop chop, snip snip!

Then headed to Bountiful to hang with Daphne some more...

My personal favorite...

They must be related!
Simply put, I can't get enough of baby burrito!

Who knew a burrito could be so sweet?
Happy Pioneer Day, y'all!


Good Times in SLC!

It's been a busy couple of days here in Salt Lake! But the good kind of busy... let me illustrate!

I've been getting around in one of two Foresters!
Hanging out with this little sweetie! 
Eating delicious food!
Drinking delicious drinks made by Ali!
Snapping photos in my mom's backyard!
Having my mind blown at all the gluten-free products at our grocery store!
I'll be making carrot cake soon!
Celebrating at The Gateway and loving the Pac12 flags!
And doing lots of computer updates and fixes.
My mom is now a Mac user!! Woot woot!
The fun continues today! Tonight I'm going to the Journey concert with a few friends. Anyway you want it, that's the way you need it! :-D


Home and Love and Daphne

Hello from the Beehive State! I've had a fantastic weekend and I'm so happy to be home. Here are the updates!

On Thursday, I noticed this posting on Sean's wall from his sister...

On Friday, Sean and I went to Old Sac, walked along the river, and took some fun shots of the Tower Bridge. Here's one I snapped using Instagram...

We got together on Saturday as well and had a nice day relaxing, browsing, and playing Monopoly (he kicked my butt)... and I found out what he wanted to be special. Lets just say he kind of likes me and I sort of like him. ;-)

Today, I made my way to the city by the salty lake, and my iPad knew just what to play me:

Flying in was beautiful as usual. For example...

We went straight from the airport to meet Daphne! She is sweet as can be. The most beautiful girl in the world. She makes the most darling sounds, especially when she's sleeping, and she has these little sweet hiccups. She is absolutely wonderful to cuddle with. I could cuddle all day! Now for the photos...

Her little hands and feet are just the most darling things! I love her to pieces.

Finally, this photo involves an inside joke within my family but it's pretty cute so I'll share it...

I'll do my best to keep you posted, blogosphere! I'm having a blast nestled in my Rockies!



The Pool Sofa!

It's official! I have an apartment full of furniture! My new sofa arrived yesterday, courtesy of my mum. I love it. It's a nice light blue, super comfy, perfect for studying and kicking back. It's the doctoral couch!

One more photo!

Thanks, mom!!!

Come visit, friends! Now you have a cozy place to relax!



Today, I went on a small adventure to the middle of (the real) FarmVille to see a field of sunflowers.

I thought about Maude's (in Harold and Maude, possibly my favorite movie) thoughts on sunflowers and daisies.

It was nice to be alone in my thoughts. I'm exhausted. It's 6 PM on a Sunday and I'm already in pajamas. Cereal for dinner. This week will be a giant game of catch up, with a sofa delivery on Tuesday and hopefully a writing retreat to a little yellow house in Palo Alto. The more photos and videos I see of Daphne, the more excited I get to meet our sweet pea!

Now... for cereal and a nap. Happy Sunday!


Late Night Etsy Splurge and Instagram!


I just finished a little shopping trip on Etsy. Here's the loot!

Padded iPad case in my favorite Blue Unikko!
Ponytail scarf for lazy, summer, ponytail days. 
Red Unikko headband!
In other news, I've been playing around with Instagram lately. Here are a few of my favorite shots so far...

Let the music wash your soul.
He's got a Nikon camera. He loves to take a photograph.
Train delayed due to congestion.
Trouble in River City.
Happy Friday, y'all!


One Infinite Loop (#23) and the SF Symphony (#21)

Knocking things off the list!

Last week, Sean, his siblings, and I went to dinner in Cupertino about as close to the Apple Campus as one could be. Sarah snapped this photo as proof that I made it to my mecca (yeah, ok, I am a bit of a fangirl).

I plan to return soon as they have a company store! I am going to get decked out in Apple wear. Just wait.

Then this weekend, Sean took me to the SF symphony where they played a few string serenades. It was a very lovely evening and concert. As we walked to Davies Hall, I thought about how wonderful it is to be in California, where I've always wanted to be, and have it be everything I could wish for.

Photo to come. For now, this will have to suffice.

Good times in the Golden State!


I'm counting down the days to...

the beautiful, majestic rockies
late nights spent on the deck with ben
snoozing in my bedroom
and on the living room floor
breakfasts with mom and ali
ali's coffee
bagley cartoons in print
and the sl trib letters to the editor
catching up with friends
misty's baby shower
cool summer nights
cafe rio's steak tostada
conversation in the cozy zone
sunday afternoons at my grandma's

but mostly meeting daphne.


The Past Few Days

A quick blog update before I head to the city with Sean for a lovely night at the San Francisco Symphony. I'm so excited to share one of my favorite things with him! The symphony is one of the things I most miss about Salt Lake.

Anyway, the past few days have involved lots of fun and tiny amounts of work. The first items of business pale in comparison to the last. But I will share anyway...

My summer shoe splurge! Proud owner of Top-Siders.

Mattress delivery and bed assembling yesterday! Big thanks to Sean for helping me out and extra big thanks to my mom for buying me what I'm calling my doctoral bed! Here's to sweet prelim exam dreams on a pillow top mattress sent straight from heaven. 

Daphne was born yesterday morning! Isn't she the absolute most beautiful thing you've ever seen? What a bundle of happiness and love. I am so happy for Emily and Taylor, and so happy for me! I spent a lot of time thinking about how amazing life is, especially new life, and how fortunate I am to get to experience (even though long distance) the welcoming of a new person to the world. And not just any new person! She's one of us! Family. Anyway, welcome Daphne! I cannot wait to watch you grow. I love you!