Yard work and house updates!

Cleaned up!
I know you guys have been waiting for some photos! So voila! Today we did lots of yard work. Trimmed the bush in the front and weeded in the back. Lots more weeding to do (we equate it to, you know, when you haven't played Animal Crossing in a while? Haha) but we made good progress!

Path to the shed (almost) cleared!
Look at Sean's edging work! Very nice.
I loved pulling the weeds in the backyard. It was mindless. So nice to have the sun on my back and be able to focus on, well, nothing.

The flowers in his backyard are fantastic! The roses are so happy. But then again, I'm pretty sure happy flowers come from California. :-)

Roses, a funky bush thing, and blossoms from the grapefruit tree!
We've also done lots inside. Here are just a few examples...

We are loving the canned lighting Sean put in! And the very cool fan.
Here's the master bedroom! We love the furniture and we picked out perfect bedding.
How cool is the headboard?! It's lit!
Just waiting on one more side table.
Also, we love the paint color. Wheat bread. Erm...
And we have our respective desks all set up! Here's Sean's...

And mine (it's cute)...

It's just a wonderful house. Filled with good vibes and simply comfortable.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

3 remarks:

Emily said...

Thanks for the photographs! The place is looking awesome! I love those flowers!

Misty said...

Everything looks fab! I wonder what that red flower thing is... ?

sarah said...

glad that the front bush was trimmed. the water thing, on the other hand, isn't too thrilled, hehe.

thanks for having us over.


ps: love your cute desk! i esp love that handmade card by sean.