One Hundred Days

In 100 days, I will be joining the Catholic Church. I am so incredibly excited.

I read this is in my Little Blue Advent and Christmas Book and it perfectly fits how I am feeling right now...
What makes the Church my home?
It's not a perfect place . . . but no place is.
There may be some painful memories . . . but there are in every family.
What makes the Church my home is hard to put into words. There is something deep inside calling me there, drawing me homeward.
To be more accurate, there is someone deep within calling me, and this is what makes the Church home. I am called by no less than God. Because of this call deep within, I sense that this is where I belong. It is home.
The call comes in many ways. It doesn't come just once, but keeps coming. Some people were originally called through their parents at baptism. Some were called when they got married. ...The call keeps coming and I am drawn to this Church by something deep within that tells me that God is calling me here. 
I have been feeling this pull, so strong it almost feels physical, to the Church the past few months. It's truly unlike anything I've ever felt before. It is this pull and the way God's love seems to have transformed so much in me that feeds my excitement.

Thank you, God.

One hundred days.

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Kayla said...

I must admit, I was way surprised to hear that you're joining the Church. I don't know why exactly, I guess I just never would have guessed you'd be a catholic! But I am happy for you to have found religious happiness, and I'm super happy for to be getting married soon!