Dear Blogosphere,

I've decided to let Ben hang out inside for a bit longer. Since I won't be going to sleep for a bit longer, I figured... why not post again today? Especially when I have good news!

So, I got information about funding for the U's program. I was pleasantly surprised with how much they could offer me. I heard back from UC Davis today, and the offers are essentially the same. So, yay! And... now I have to make a tough decision.

So, the U would be a "safe" choice. I know many people in the department and I know who I could work with. I also would be able to stay living at home (which would be pretty sweet) and, get this, have money left over from the stipend. Davis has more opportunities but some risk. I think I know who I'd like to work with, but I don't really know them yet. It has great research facilities and experts in their fields. Rent in Davis is a lot more than in Salt Lake. I wouldn't be able to get a 1 bed or studio for less than $800, even in the crumbiest of complexes. (I can't have a roommate, unfortunately, because of Celiac Disease.) So, I'd have to rely on family and my precious savings to help me out with food and other necessities.

I think it would look better to whoever it may concern if I got my master's degree from a different school than I'm getting my bachelor's from, too. Though I have this weird superstitious fear that my scholarly achievements are purely conditional (i.e. dependent upon being at the U).

Well, decision time is coming up quick. April 15! I have to figure this out fast... yikes.


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jennifer said...

i love your bunny! freakin cute!

so i'm confused about how grad school works...they give you money? if you're doing research?