San Francisco!

Dear Blogosphere,

Here are my favorite pictures of my trip to San Francisco! They are in reverse chronological order... so, keep that in mind. :-)

Above: Me at Pier 39. A storm was starting to blow in!

Above: The sea lions! Arrgk! Arrgk!

Above: Me kicking it on the pier.

Above: The boats!

Above: The Historical 'F' cable car! This goes along the wharf, through the shopping district, and apparently up to Castro (famous for good old Milk)!

Above: Ding ding ding!

Above: Shopping district/Union Square-ish area.

San Francisco is my favorite city. I love the architecture, the hills (get those thighs burnin'!), the bay, the seagulls, the sea lions, the smell of sourdough, the shopping, the people! I plan to visit often!

Thanks for readin'!


1 remarks:

Jennifer said...

isn't UC Davis like right by San Fran? have you been out to alcatraz yet?

wish i could come visit! i love california.

p.s. you captured the feel of san francisco beautifully!