Today, I went on a small adventure to the middle of (the real) FarmVille to see a field of sunflowers.

I thought about Maude's (in Harold and Maude, possibly my favorite movie) thoughts on sunflowers and daisies.

It was nice to be alone in my thoughts. I'm exhausted. It's 6 PM on a Sunday and I'm already in pajamas. Cereal for dinner. This week will be a giant game of catch up, with a sofa delivery on Tuesday and hopefully a writing retreat to a little yellow house in Palo Alto. The more photos and videos I see of Daphne, the more excited I get to meet our sweet pea!

Now... for cereal and a nap. Happy Sunday!

2 remarks:

Caitlin said...

I love all of it. Especially the part where you'll be meeting Daphne soon. :)

sarah said...

i loved the sunflowers in davis. :)

ummm, and i can't wait to see the photos from your trip to utah! :)