Come and Knock on Our Door

Dear Blogosphere,

I stumbled upon a Mary Blair piece today that I had not seen before. These parrots are quite the charmers, no? Ha ha. I'm about to get to work. I've had too much fun today, so tomorrow is going to be a little hectic. Here come the boring details of my life: tonight I'm going to continue reading Becoming Attached by Robert Karen, do some work in webCT, and hopefully figure out more to say on a stats paper. Exciting, exciting! I must say that Becoming Attached is a very good book. It's a fairly easy read. The main point that I'm getting from it is that today is better than ever. We've had some pretty screwy ideas about children and development in the past. And that's not to say that we don't have wrong ideas today, but I think we are improving.

Anyway, to all reading, have a fantastic Monday and enjoy some of The Kinks' music (jaja, why not recommend some music?). I'm currently listening to This Time Tomorrow.


2 remarks:

Megan Stefany said...

Anything by Django Reinhardt.
Raw Sugar by Metric.
After the Afterlife by Chad VanGaalen.
Black Water Child by Fionn Regan.

Enjoy. Let me know what you think.
PS, I'm ALWAYS open for music suggestions!

Natalie said...

Gracias for the recommendations! I love Raw Sugar! Did Django Reinhardt do Beyond The Sea originally? 'Cause you know that's basically my favorite love song!