Dear Blogosphere,

I just finished the first stats paper of the semester. I have no idea if I did it right. Or wrong. Or somewhere in between. It certainly isn't creative but I think I succeeded in writing "plain English." When I finished it I thought, "That's it? Should I have more to say?" Is that a good feeling to have? Yikes.

Since I've gone gluten-free, I've been forced to look at ingredient lists on food (before, with type 1 diabetes, I was looking only at nutrition facts). It's pretty scary. I was at the grocery store this evening and saw that there was a sale on "Guacamole Dip." Holy crap. What is that stuff? Just chemicals after chemicals and the mysterious "natural flavors." I decided to see how much "Guacamole" was. It was twice the price, but had very few ingredients. And, interestingly enough, less than half the calories (40 per 2 tbsps versus 100 per 2 tbsps). "Guacamole Dip," by the way, is not vegan. Weird.

Speaking of gluten, perhaps it would be fun for me to let you, dear Blogosphere, know about the crazy things that contain gluten. I will list more as I find more. Anyway, here are some tonight.

-Makeup - including lipstick, glosses, eyeshadow, etc.
-Shampoos and conditioners
-The sticky part of envelopes (possibly the best thing about having Celiac disease)
-Orange Shasta
-Flavorings, like vanilla, lemon, etc.
-Rice Krispies
-Cream of Mushroom Soup, Chilis
-Lots of meat products -- lunch meat, hotdogs, bacon, etc.

Well, I shall post again soon, Blogosphere! Until then, good night and good luck!


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Megan Stefany said...

This may sound extremely unintelligent of me, but I don't understand what gluten is and why it is bad. And I think it's psycho that it's in makeup and food. Weirded out.