A Picture a Day - Part 12 (Starring Ben Kweller)

Dear Blogosphere,

The Ben Kweller concert was amazing! Everything I had hoped for (minus the nasty guy in front of us doing some serious PDA with his girlfriend and the agoraphobic claustrophobe) and more! Ben wore some fantastically tight pants to show off his awesome legs (I'm a just a penny on the train track waiting for my judgment day! Come on sexy Ben let me see those legs before I get flattened-away)! And played most of my favorite songs. Lovely.

The bass player was hilarious. He made funny faces - very Nick-esque in stats.

Maybe one of the best parts was when Ben did a second encore, with his 3 year old (I'm guessing) son on drums! Who knew Old MacDonald could be rocked so hard? Not I, not I.

So, The Avalon allows cameras! I wish I had taken mine but, alas, I only had my crumby 2 MP cell phone. The pictures turn out surprisingly good. I don't get a headache looking at them! Ha ha.

Hope you enjoyed them!


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