I promised...

to bore the Blogosphere with the details of my life, so, voila! a shopping list.

-Carbon monoxide alarm
-TV stand
-Hand tool set
-Pyrex prepware set
-Cookie sheets, cake pan, etc
-Various vegetable peelers
-Wall clock
-Desk lamp
-All-in-one printer
-First aid kit
-Nifty flashlight that turns into lantern, more flashlights
-Iron and ironing board
-Electric kettle
-Toilet brush and plunger
-Broom and dustpan
-Serving tray
-Coat rack?
-Dry-erase board
-Step stool
-Butter dish

Hmm... not as bad as I thought it would be! T-20 days, my friends!!


3 remarks:

Jennifer said...

is ben coming with you??

Jenica said...

of course you need a coat rack.

Elissa said...

Wow, you go PREPARED. I left CA for Michigan with two boxes of books, a suitcase of clothing, and a sleeping bag. Arrived and bought one pan, one plate, and one set of silverware, a cooking spoon and a spatula the first week. Acquired a used sofa, a dining room table & chairs, and a futon the first month...all the other household miscellaneous has been the accumulation of a lifetime!