Back to School

So, fall quarter started up last Thursday, but today feels like my first real day back. As usual, the first office hours of the quarter are SO busy, I was able to find sometime to go back and read my posts from September 2010 and September 2009. In '09, I wrote about how I was pretty sure my world would be forever different. In '10, I posted the above PhD comic.

This year feels different.

I did leave. I went to Salt Lake for a few weeks to meet my niece and spend time with family and friends. I spent weekends with Sean and his family. I visited Caitlin and Evan at their little yellow house. The summer was full of adventures and relaxation. It was basically 2 or so months of procrastination and, thus, guilty pleasure. Regardless, it was awesome.

And now things have returned to normal. Anyway, I have some goals and sure-to-be highlights for this quarter that ought to be blogged about!

1. I will finish and file my thesis by my birthday. If I only complete one more item on my 24 before 24 list, it will be my thesis!!

2. Sean's sister is getting married and I get to play a very special part in it! This entails some writing and dress shopping. Both of which I'm very excited to do/continue doing.

3. I will be cooking more! In fact, I have a whole menu planned out for the weekend including what I consider my ethnic food (Mormon funeral potatoes!) and pesto salmon with risotto. Mmm!

4. I'm on the executive committee in the grad program, which means exciting meetings, and the graduate student association rep, which means reportedly less exciting meetings. I'm very happy to have this leadership position!

5. At some point, I will hear back about SRA! Cross your fingers that I'll be going to Vancouver next year! :-D

6. And, finally, I am returning to ballet! Tonight I have my first class. I anticipate being very sore tomorrow.

Here we go, Fall 2011!

2 remarks:

Cindy said...

I have been watching your blog waiting for the back-to-school posting. I am glad that you had so many fun things to do this summer in addition to all the studying. Here is to a wonderful quarter!
PS I would love to see more photos of your new apartment!

Emily said...

Sounds like a great plan for this fall! I can't wait to hear more about it! Let's talk soon!