Cool Beans

Let us be honest. As far as people go, I am quite lucky and I honestly have everything a girl could want. But it's still fun to do a little harmless online shopping just for kicks. Cute things... and things that are somewhat practical... that I'd buy if money grew on trees.

Wall mountable dish rack!

I think this would be fantastic for my bathroom.
Now that function's out of the way...

I love these modern candlesticks.

These coasters are bomb.com. Especially the blue ones.
These Birkenstocks are adorable.

Love this Kate Spade purse!

I am quite smitten with the new Venezia collection! I love the gondola inspired stripes!

Wouldn't this rain jacket be just perfect for Davis' winter? A little brightness on a rainy, gray day.
/end procrastination.

2 remarks:

Cindy said...

I love your procrastination tactics! So fun - so colorful. I love the coasters!

sarah said...

i think that this post is bomb.bom.

thanks for having us over the weekend. i had a lot of fun playing imaginiff. ;)