One lovely day!

I had a very nice day today, with little adventures and such. Here is photographic evidence! My mom also requested more photos of my apartment. :-)

A little lab love this morning.
Stumbled upon these sandals on sale at the bookstore! 25% off!
Best price I've seen for Rainbows anywhere.
Came home to my Red Sox hat! :-D It's official! I am a fan.
Had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season!
It was 88* outside, I sipped the steamy deliciousness in my car with the AC on.
It's a little cup of fall regardless of weather!
Made this for dinner! Lemon-dijon tofu and potatoes. 
I added carrots, onion, and whole garlic cloves to the mix.
I also used Trader Joe's delicious whole seed dijon mustard.
So tasty and so easy!
Enjoyed dinner with a wine glass of Diet Dr. Pepper.
Like my new coasters? They were a steal at CB outlet!
Some updates to my apartment...

I rearranged my photos on my bookshelf.
The photo clips and candlesticks are new!
The photo clips. Another steal at CB outlet!
My new candlesticks from CB2.
A while ago, I hung my photo panels!
I'm trying to figure out what to add between them...
And, finally, some wall panels I made with Marimekko fabric.
I think they are bomb.com!
(These wall hangings from CB would probably be around $100 each!)
Another one!
I have plans to make three more larger wall panels for my living room, once I get around to it... :-D

And that concludes this blog post.

5 remarks:

Emily said...

Your apartment is soooo cute! I can't wait to visit!

Ali said...

I love it! Hooray! Mm. Your food looks delicious.

scott said...

red sox... you need to be an A's fan like me, gloria, and sarah! A's fans are the best!

Misty said...

Super cute! I am going to get a PSL soon, at the hospital in fact. Right after Junion is out! :)

Em said...

How do you have so much style? It's just not fair! Your bedroom looks designer. Also, this hot weather is most unpleasant for drinking yummy starbucks fall drinks :(