#14. Write my own sexual autobiography, etc.

It's 3:30 AM and I can't sleep. So I decided to finish up writing my sexual autobiography. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Obviously, I won't be sharing it with you, Dear Blogosphere, or anyone else for that matter, but I will say that I talked about how my family, boyfriends, growing up Mormon, education, media, and my development influenced the sexual person I am and the values I hold today. 

Some of you might be wondering why. In the past, I have TA'ed for a human sexuality course. The final paper is a sexual autobiography. Since I've read 500 or so of them, I decided to try writing my own. If you feel so inclined to explore what/who influenced you, here is the prompt:

"The autobiography is an analysis of the development of your “sexual self”. It should attempt to answer the question, “How did I become the sexual person I am today?” by considering your own development as it relates to the developmental issues discussed in class and by considering what has influenced your beliefs, attitudes, values and behavior in the area of sexuality and intimate relationships (e.g. parents, religion, culture, media, peers, experiences).  It is not the case that one needs to have had intercourse or be sexually active in order to be able to write this paper.  It is also not necessary to disclose any personal information beyond what is comfortable for you in order to write a thoughtful paper."

It's certainly an exercise in critically thinking about past events and influences. :-)

In other news: I am so looking forward to Monday, when my mom, Emily, and Daphne arrive! :-D I need to get my apartment spruced up and ready to entertain/host this weekend. YAY! 

Also, iOS 5 is SO COOL. I was not underwhelmed in the least. I love the new notifications, the Cards app, and being creeped out by the Stalker app. Oops! It's called Find Friends. It's like Google latitude.... Anyway, ALSO, Sean got Foursquare so we are in a big old competition now (he is rather competitive, but I will rise to the challenge)! I got the Overshare badge today. Haha. (Wow, am I really blogging about an overshare Foursquare badge? Overshare much?!)

And, finally, I haven't be blogging as much because (1) I am busy and (2) I am addicted to Pinterest. See?

OK, that's all.


1. Leave the country. (Canada!)
2. Go wining in Napa/Sonoma.
3. Go backpacking.
4. Walk across the Golden Gate.
5. Finish my master's degree.
6. Have a gluten-free beer tasting.
7. Buy my first diamond. (Nose stud!)
8. Crochet a baby blanket. (Or... type a baby quilt!)
9. Ride a roller coaster. (Disneyland!)
10. Take a midnight walk on the beach.
11. Make gluten-free pasta.
12. Paint.
13. Take a tap class in San Francisco. (Changed to Davis as I found a class offered here!)
14. Write my own sexual autobiography.
15. Do an entire roll of instant film using strangers as subjects.
16. Get over fear of touching raw chicken. (Rubbed raw chicken down with butter and stuffed it with garlic!)
17. Play the California lottery. (Lost!)
18. Hold a newborn baby. (Held little Daphne Kate!)
19. Create a signature cocktail.
20. Make my own goat cheese.
21. See the San Francisco Ballet. (Saw the San Francisco Symphony with Sean!)
22. Take the train to Reno.
23. Have my photo taken at 1 Infinite Loop. (Snapped by Sarah!)
24. Be a tourist in Salt Lake City. (Showed Sean around my beloved, and sometimes bizarre, hometown!)

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