Visitors and AIPs!


I had a simply fantastic day yesterday! My mom, sister, and little niece came to visit me in Davis. We ate tasty food, chatted, and did lots of AIPs... apartment improvement projects! They also brought me sweet surprises...

Here they are!

Emily made me these Scrabble pillows after I saw some on Etsy!
Look how cute the back of the pillows are too!
My mom brought me this fantastic spooky garland!
And yes, those curtains are new!
My new front room curtains!
My doctoral sofa and new curtains!
The other side!
Wall mounted dish rack! Saves precious counter space!
Loaded up!
One of the new curtains in my bedroom.
(Just adorable)
The other curtain and my new collage frame!
I'm going to send photos to get printed tonight.
Cozy and perfect!
It was so nice to have them visit and it's extra nice to have a proper apartment for visitors -- I'm mostly talking about space here! I love having a bigger apartment! It's getting more adorable as the days go on. I love my new curtains, pillows, and frame, and my very functional dish rack. :-) How awesome is it to have two seamstresses, carpenters, and interior designers come to your home AND bring a sweet, happy little Daphne, too!

P.S. Daphne loved California. Last night, I asked her what she liked most! She gave me a big tale full of smiles, oohs, and ahhs! :-)

6 remarks:

Cindy said...

I vote for this for best blog photos ever! Your apartment is almost as fantastic as you are! Thanks for the marvelous 36 hours in Davis. It was fun to go to dinner with Sean. We loved working on your apartment improvement projects!

Emily said...

Such a great trip! We can't wait to come back! I love your California life - everything about it!

Ali said...

I love it, Nat!

I especially love the scrabble pillows.

Tyson and Megan said...

Oh man! Your apartment is super cute. Are you living there alone?
Love the pillows Emily made. She is awesome.

And, as a sucker for anything red, I love the art above your bed.

Tyson and Megan said...

Oh man! So cute! Loved the picture tour of your apartment. Do you live there alone?
And gee whiz, Emily should make me some awesome pillows like that. They look amazing.

Aaaand, as a sucker for anything red, I love the art above your bed.

sarah said...

i LOVE the curtains! so adorable.