Hello, Autumn!

Autumn seems to have arrived! Sweaters, boots, umbrellas, changing leaves, all things pumpkin and spooky. I love October.

After having a great weekend (Sean took me on a wonderful date, including a viewing of Moneyball, which I highly recommend -- lots of stats! Oh, and baseball!) and Monday, with teaching and ballet class, I had a pretty swell day again! I decorated my apartment a little for fall and enjoyed a very autumn-y dinner.

This little fellow will meet you at the door!
Festive tealights! Pumpkin scented. Mmm.
My sweet candy corn tray! With some tasty treats.
Roasted vegetables for dinner... they tasted a million times better than they look!
I had them with chicken cooked in a little butter. So juicy.
I love fall food!
A couple other exciting things to note! My cousin Alan and his wife, Misty, had a handsome baby boy on Sept. 30. WELCOME, FRANKLIN OLIVER! Yay for more Morrises! And, very exciting, my mom, Emily, and little Daphne are going to come to California the week after next. I am so excited to hang out with them, chat with Daphne, and eat some tasty food. Oh! And for them to see the Nat Flat #2. :-D

It's an exciting month. Yep, I do love October!

2 remarks:

Emily said...

I love your Halloween/Autumn decor! I can't wait for our trip to California!

Misty said...

OMG I love that owl! And I am so excited to hear how the trip with Daphne goes, we think of Emily, Taylor, and D as the explorers since they are just ahead of us with all this exciting stuff.


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