Eleven Wishes

My sisters posted eleven wishes for 11/11/11 at 11:11. I am doing it a little late but... here are my eleven!

I wish that...

1. Daphne grows up healthy and strong, ready to take on and change the world.
2. Sarah and her love have a wonderful marriage and happiness forever.
3. Ali keeps on rocking at the U, has oodles more fun dates, and ends up where she wishes to be (with Pulitzer and/or Nobel in hand!)
4. Emily and Taylor enjoy their new jobs, get lots of rest and relaxation as parents, and move to Salt Lake!
5. Scott does well on his math teaching exam.
6. My mom's law office continues to be successful and Ben will continue to charm her clients.
7. Wes enjoys his job this winter and finds one that he loves!
8. My dad and Caroline are happy in their new home and have safe travels for the holidays.
9. My students do well on their projects! I hope I've taught them well and that they have at least a little love for research methods (or at least the ability to critique what they read in newspapers and magazines).
10. Sean keeps on kicking butt at his job and in school and that he will continue to enjoy spending time with me. I love all our adventures, I want more and more of them!
11. Everyone is happy and healthy, are able to find time to enjoy autumn before winter sets in, and have great holidays with loved ones!

Happy 11/(13)/11!

3 remarks:

Emily said...

I enjoyed your wishes too! See you soon!

sarah said...

aw. well i'm so glad that i made the list. :) thanks so much, and i'm bummed that we won't catch you guys before you two head off to another adventure.

Cindy said...

Happy wishes to you! Congratulations are in order for passing the prelims and being invited to present your posters in Vancouver next year! Hooray for more successes for you!