A Birthday and a Beautiful Wedding

Hello! I apologize for the lack of blogging recently. Things have been so crazy busy (in a good way!) that I haven't had time to sit down and write.

Last week was Sean's birthday and Sarah's, Sean's sister's, wedding! Both were a blast. I gave Sean his birthday present a little early. He's become quite the photographer and I knew he needed a tripod. I think he likes it! We celebrated his birthday in Santa Cruz, complete with cheesecake (his favorite).

Happy birthday, love!

Sarah's wedding was on Saturday and I was so lucky to play a big role in the wedding -- as officiant! It was incredible to witness "two people, madly in love" commit to spending the rest of their lives together, regardless of what comes their way. Basically, it was purely romantic.

I love the venue. It's part of UC Santa Cruz's campus, on the coast, called the Seymour Center.

(All photos by Sean, except the one of us!)

Gorgeous floral arrangements.
Fancy manzanita trees.
The cookie bar.
The beautiful cake!

Even the officiant received a beautiful corsage.
Very fun photo wall.
The trees had a beautiful flower/vegetable arrangement too!
I loved the use of artichokes.
Me with the blushing (haha) bride and Scott, Sean's brother.
My favorite.
Both mornings we were there, Sean and I went down to the beach to watch the surfers at sunrise.
So calming.
It was such a wonderful weekend. A happy birthday and wedding!

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Cindy said...


Emily said...

I agree - beautiful!

Jen said...

Gorgeous wedding and gorgeous officiant!!

When did you find time to go and get certified to do it? Are you going to be in Utah late December? Maybe you can officiate mine!

I think of our times often. As always, I hope I'll be able to visit sometime and catch up.

P.S. My blog is private now so send me your email!

sarah said...

thanks nat. you rock our world! :)

sarah said...

i just realized what a horrible picture of me that is. why didn't you post some of the better ones where i'm alcohol free. :)