A Very Good Week

Greetings from Nat Flat #2!

This week has been pretty much amazing. Last Tuesday, I received an email containing this...

THANK GOODNESS. I really didn't think I passed. And I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to go through it again. But all is well! HOORAH! I am so glad I didn't chicken out! (Read all about the exam here.)

On Friday, we had a grad group rock climbing activity. It was very fun (and my arms are very sore)! I almost got to the top...

Kickin' it with the grad group!
Then last night, Sean surprised me with birthday presents! So far, we have had a terrible time actually waiting for the special occasion, but I was too excited to say no to the opportunity of opening them early! He got me the perfect gifts...

TOMS! Olive TOMS! Aren't they darling? 
A new necklace. It's just perfect -- I love it so much.
I'll be wearing it every day!
So excited about my new gifts!
Sean takes a great portrait!
Happy be-earlied birthday to me!

4 remarks:

Ali said...

Fantastic gifts! I am jealous. . .

I am waiting on your eleven wishes!
love, ali

dr. scott said...

[Insert witty comment here]


Emily said...

Happy early birthday! Sean is a great gift giver and a great photographer!

sarah said...

just so you know... i pretty much have a cardigan that looks like that! we totally have the same style. it's awesome!