6. Paint



I've been bundled up in Salt Lake City with a cold but I have been enjoying my 2012! It's been full of tasty food, trips for Christmas bargain shopping, and a wonderful birthday party for Daphne Kate -- she's six months already!

Today we played our classic game of Gingerbread House Bat, where we take out a little aggression on our gingerbread houses. And then we painted!

6. Paint!

I painted two masterpieces, both for Valentine's day! Both are dedicated to my valentine, Sean. Hehe.

Ali used Utah landscapes and Rothko's work as inspiration. I love her pieces...

Emily's is titled Bubblegum and I think it's very sweet! She spent oodles of time on this fun painting!

And I saved the best for last! Daphne joined forces with Taylor to create the cutest painting!

Happy new year, friends!

Five down, twenty to go!

1. Go backpacking.
2. Walk across the Golden Gate.
3. Have a gluten-free beer tasting. (I don't like beer! 12/17/11)
4. Take a midnight walk on the beach.
5. Make gluten free pasta.
6. Paint. (Painted Valentine art! 1/2/12)
7. Do an entire roll of instant film using strangers and subjects.
8. Make my own goat cheese.
9. Take the train to Reno.
10. Solve a Rubix cube.
11. Attend Midnight Mass.
12. Pick a pineapple in Hawaii.
13. Host a dinner party.
14. Lose 25 pounds.
15. Get my A1C below 7.5.
16. Take a trip along CA-1.
17. Make gluten free bagels.
18. Go on a Segway tour of San Francisco.
19. Snowshoe. (Whew! Exhausting and fun - 12/28/11)
20. Make my own amazing CrockPot recipe. (Spaghetti with veg and sausage! 12/19/11)
21. Camp in Yosemite.
22. Learn to and catch a fish.
23. Take a wok around Chinatown in Vancouver.
24. Make stained glass.
25. Embroider pillow cases.

2 remarks:

Emily said...

Painting was so fun today! Thanks for letting us participate!

sarah said...

your whole family consists of artists. ;) hehe.

come home soon! it's been so long since i've seen you!