Valentine Decorating and Summer Planning

Hellooooo! It's only mid-January and I'm not only all over this Valentine's Day thing coming up, but also got much of my summer planned! My apartment is mostly decorated for Valentine's...

$4 Valentine door hanging.
Made these hearts using paint samples!

Sweet owls dishtowel from my mom.
Valentine corner. Be Mine bag full of treats and surprises for Sean.
Got the nifty plastic Xs and Os at Target.
I love decorating for Valentine's Day! I made a really cool gift for Sean that I will share with the blogosphere after February 14! In other news...

I got these beautiful crystal vases for a steal.
I am on the hunt for fancy fake hydrangeas!
Have I mentioned how much fun this trip was?
This weekend Sean and I planned two BIG adventures. We are going camping with his family in Yosemite this June! And then in July we are going to Hawaii! Two places I've never been, but have always wanted to go. I am so excited. My Sagittarius self is going nuts. 

I can't wait until summer.

4 remarks:

Emily said...

Your Valentine decorations are wonderful! I am going to be copying them. And this summer is going to be great!!!

Misty said...

Cute decor! And Yosemite and HAWAII! I'm so jealous! :)

sarah said...

you're going nuts i tell ya! i'm so excited for you and sean in hawaii. that's gonna be so much fun. wish i could go, but it might be out of the question for us...

saving up for a lil munchkin.

ps: love the valentine decor. so festive!

Ali said...

Aha! You are going to Yosemite in June! Maybe I'll have to crash that party. . . someday. I love your valentines appartment! Your paint sample decoration is so clever!

love, ali