Gifts and Apartment Improvement!

Hello, hello!

I've been back in California for 6 days now, just enough time to unpack, enjoy the wonderful gifts I got for Christmas, and go on a great adventure (post to come)! Sean put up a few shelves in my apartment and I got the place cleaned up yesterday for him to take photos with his sweet wide-angle lens...

My kitchen has many new additions! Aurora and Khrystine gave me a wonderful kitchen timer, Sara gave me a fun flask, my mom gave me some new kitchen tools including an avocado slicer and cutting boards, as well as some great new wintery dinnerware. My dad gave me an Amazon gift card with which I bought a colander scoop and a nifty 5-in-1 tool, as well as some fancy kitchen shears.
Emily made me adorable cafe curtains and Ali gave me a hilarious pig calendar. My mom also gave me some cute Valentine dishtowels and magnetic picture frames!
My living room is just perfect. Sean's parents gave me a wonderful cozy blanket for Christmas. It makes me slightly chilly apartment much more bearable! The only thing I have left to do, and my apartment will be DONE, is make wall hangings for above my couch. 
Sean installed the shelves above my TV! Perfect for knick-knacks. Emily made me the neat paintings on the top shelf. Also, with my dad's gift card, I bought a sweet magnetic key holder. It's next to my door.
Thanks, Sean, for putting up my shelves! Also, my dad gave me those super cute bunnies on the top shelf.
My bedroom is nice and cozy with my flannel sheets and super soft blanket I got for my birthday! (And I am still loving the window treatments my mom put up!) Sarah and G got me the most adorable carafe imaginable. It's next to my lamp but a little hard to see...
My photos were updated after my birthday with frames from my mom. I love it.
Finally, my bathroom was difficult to love at first... but I'm getting there! Sean installed the glass shelf and I topped it with a really cool storage solution. And Caroline got me a nifty Mary Kay skincare set that included a cute brush set and pouch.
My little California home is wonderful and full of character. It's so nice to have my own space to get creative and even better to have Sean and family to help out! Thanks for all the wonderful gifts, friends!

...Now, please wait patiently for the next, sure to be fantastic, post...

5 remarks:

Kayla said...

I love your apartment so much! So cozy and colorful. You have smashing style.

Sean de Guzman said...

Your apartment looks great! Good thing those shelves were really easy to put up :)

Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing the great photos of your charming apartment. Everything looks fantastic!

Emily said...

Your apartment is even more fabulous than before! Great work with the shelves, Sean!

sarah said...

i adore those pops of color; it makes everything look so homey and fun.

can't wait til we can make it out there again to play another board game. perhaps the next time, we'll bring the pooches so they can excavate the place. i'm sure they'll be thrilled to see the pink flamingos! ;)