Thesis, Wedding, and Point Bonita!

Hello hello! It is feeling like summer here. Upper 90s weather, weddings, and spontaneous mini road trips! Hoorah!

South Lake Tahoe
Yesterday, Sean and I went to his friend's wedding. It was in Tahoe. Beautiful day, beautiful view of the lake. Just doesn't get any better! The food was amazing -- I had a delicious salmon salad with gluten-free crackers! For the cake, Erin had cute gluten-free cake bites. Yum yum! It was so fun and informal and the ceremony was officiated by her brother. It was also nice to get to know some of Sean's friends better and put faces to names. I can't wait to go back to Tahoe for Caitlin and Evan's wedding in August!

Last night I completed a draft of my thesis! FINALLY! Some sections are more polished than others, but it should be in great shape in two weeks. Then, once I get feedback from my committee and my committee members' signatures (if I'm so lucky), I will be done with my Master's. Woohoo!

To celebrate my thesis, I took today off. Sean told me about a beautiful place about a week ago: Point Bonita. We decided to take a day trip to the spot. It was amazing. So special, unique, and romantic.

Point Bonita Lighthouse and Bridge
It was a half-mile hike, including a hand scraped tunnel and two bridges. The bridge above just opened.  It sways in the wind, which was a little scary. While the bridges, lighthouse, and tunnel were scenic enough, there was also an amazing view of my favorite landmark -- the Golden Gate!

Doesn't do it justice!
Such a great weekend. I am so excited for this summer. Camping, bridal showers, weddings, trips to Utah, Hawaii, and Seattle! Lots of fun coming up!

3 remarks:

Sean de Guzman said...

So excited for you to finish your thesis! This weekend was so much fun. I can't wait to share many more adventures with you!

sarah said...

Looks like so much fun. :) that bridge looks so cool.

Cindy said...

This place appears to have it all - a tunnel, a bridge and a lighthouse!
I have read that some lighthouses have been sold to private individuals. Let's buy Point Bonita!