It's Summertime!


It's summer! Yesterday, I finished my two big projects of the year/quarter. I got my thesis to my committee! And I submitted a proposal to the Institutional Review Board for our daily study we'll be doing next winter. Ah. Feels so good.

I'm celebrating by taking the day off and catching up on housework and some projects. I'm going to finally finish making my wall hangings, using this fabric:

I think it's going to look great in our living room!

And I'm waiting on pins and needles for this to arrive:

My mom bought me a KitchenAid mixer (in beautiful Cornflower blue) for filing my thesis. Since I am about two months or so from filing, I will be tortured by its presence. Motivation for getting it done stat, once I get feedback! I'm trying to decide what I am going to make with it. I think I want to make a gluten-free lemon meringue pie. Mmm... I'm already salivating!

In one week, I will be in Salt Lake checking out Emily, Taylor, and Daphne's new home! I can't wait to celebrate Daphne's first birthday! Sean is going to come out to Salt Lake for the Fourth, and we'll leave Salt Lake heading to Honolulu. Now that it is so close, I am SO excited!

Happy summer all!

4 remarks:

sarah said...

yay for summer! ...and i love the color of the mixer. may i be a sampler of your gluten-free lemon meringue pie?


Cindy said...

Rocklin, CA, United States 06/21/2012 5:32 A.M.
Out For Delivery

Bring on the Beach Boys! It is summer in Rocklin! Hooray!

Emily said...

Happy Summer! I can't wait for your visit!

sarah said...

i miss your posts!