Dear Blogosphere,

I have a few minutes here to update you on the mundane details of my life, that I promised in the creation of this blog. I'll be going out to Davis on Wednesday so I am quite excited about that. Check out the department, meet people, sample the produce, see what Davis is all about. I'll be coming back on Saturday. This semester is going by way too fast! I am pushing deadlines. I have given up on getting ahead, and am now satisfied with just getting things done on time. The end of this semester is going to be stressful.


3 remarks:

Megan Stefany said...

You are at Davis right now. You are cool.
I hope things are going well for you!

Megan Stefany said...

PS, you know how there's the 'post comment verification' thing?
Well, the word I just got was 'fooking.'
HAHAHA, I couldn't resist.

Natalie said...

Fooking? Hahahahahaha. So appropriate, too, for that post. I'm not in Davis yet, but will be next week. So excited!