Big Love, Painting, and Other Fun Things

Dear Blogosphere,

I am loving this season of Big Love! So much drama. Nicki was forced to be a 15 year old bride (and is secretly taking birth control), Sarah (my favorite character) is pregnant, Roman is about to go down (maybe), Anna has idiotically decided to join this raw patriarchy. It is getting exciting!

So my sister and I went to help my other sister and her fiance paint. Holy cow! They are painting like mad and it was already looking greatly improved. Before we started, we had Noodles & Co. They made their Pad Thai gluten free for me. Delicious.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to the supposed great liquidation at Circuit City. No joke, a printer I was looking as was less expensive at Target. Did they mark everything up to "liquidate" it? They were selling a no-name turntable for $150. I saw a name brand double turntable on sale for $100 a while back elsewhere. I was quite disappointed.

So, I should have news from my prospective grad programs soon. I have a good feeling about Davis and the U. Will keep you posted as things become official.

Have a fabulous week, blogosphere! I love you!


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