A Picture a Day - Part 1

Dear Blogosphere,

When I took creative writing in high school the teacher instructed us to write everyday, regardless of whether or not we had any ideas. We could write down poems, a journal entry, random words, anything, but we had to write. I decide to take this idea and use it this summer but with a slight twist. Everyday I am going to take at least one photograph. I may have thoughts behind it, and hopefully I will get some inspiration while looking through the lens, but I may not. Just for fun, I've decided to post these pictures on this here blog for you, the reader, to enjoy. Today I took quite a few pictures and have picked my favorite five. (Comments & Critiques are welcomed and greatly appreciated!)


2 remarks:

kayla said...

the first and last ones are my favorite. they're so soft and colorful and beautiful. i didn't know you were such a photographically talented little morsel!

Jennifer said...

i wanna know about your camera and lens(es) :)

love these. i might copy you.