A Picture a Day - Part 5

Dear Blogosphere,

So the photograph may not be so good, but the subject is fantastic. The Salt Lake Telegram's Comics dated July 6, 1952. My grandma got hip arthoplasty (fancy way to say hip replacement) last Tuesday and, fortunately, made it through the surgery A-OKly. But she's not going to be able to get in and out of a bathtub anytime soon so we are replacing her bathtub with a shower. My mom and I went to her house this even to get her newspaper, some meds, along with other things and to check out the progress. Behind the ultra awesome 1950s tile and in the walls was this newspaper. Makes me wonder what other treasures from the past lie within the walls!

Lets see, I have a few fun things to share. Sara had a graduation party Friday night. It was much fun and the margaritas were excellent (as were the tunes! you know your friends are awesome when they have the Mentos song on their iPod!!). After the party, I had to get some petrol so I went to my brother's workplace hoping he was on the job! He was, so I spent two hours with him checking out the latest products at Tesoro. Budweiser and Clamato?! That sounds absolutely disgusting. Eww... Anyway, it was much fun to hang out with him.

Khrystine's 21st birthday party was today. It was awesome. The conversation was excellent and I drank a Mountain Dew -- something I haven't had in quite a long time! I love the color of it... makes me a little nervous! Ha ha. Then Khrys, Aurora, and I made a trek down to Costco only to find that they close at 6. LAMExCORE! So we went to Smith's instead and got snackage for our Las Vegas trip! List of things to make:

- Peanut butter cookies
- Chocolate chip cookies
- Rice Chex Squares
- Muffins?

Ah, I am so excited for a vacation. And to see Ben Folds. <3


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