The Value of Sisters

Dear Blogosphere,

I was reading an old issue of The Week and came across this:

"If you have a sister, consider yourself lucky, says BBCnews.com. Psychologists at the U.K.'s University of Ulster quizzed more than 500 adults on their mental health and their family histories, and found that those who had grown up with sisters were more likely to be happy and well-adjusted. Girls are generally more expressive than boys, and researchers found that girls tend to foster communication among family members, which can promote family harmony and individual mental health. Especially during stressful times such as a divorce, researchers found, sisters served as a calming influence on the entire family. 'Sisters appear to encourage more open communication and cohesion in families,' says study author Tony Cassidy. Boys, though, can be trouble. 'Boys tend to internalize problems,' says family counselor Geri Burnikell, 'and in families where there are a lot of sons, I can see that can cause problems.'"

Interesting, eh? I had never heard before that boys internalize problems, but I do believe that girls would encourage communication among family members. Definitely see this in my personal life and in the literature elsewhere.


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