Veggie and Herb Garden!

Dear Blogosphere,

So I have spent the past few days doing a lot of crazy things but the most fun thing I've done is plant my veggie and herb garden! Here are the specimens:

- Red bell pepper
- Green bell pepper
- Eggplant
- Thyme
- Cilantro
- Oregano
- Dill
- Basil
- Parsley
- Grape Tomatoes
- Pear Tomatoes
- Heirloom Tomatoes
- Tomatillos

We'll be planting zucchinis and pumpkins soon! Delicious! And my chives are growing like weeds!

I also found a cute pink mini rose that I got in memory of Hufflepuff. It has been planted in the Hufflepuff Memorial Gardens. :-)

Pictures will be posted sometime in the near future!!


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