It's the End of the World as I Know It!

Dear Blogosphere,

Tomorrow, I finally start this big thing I've been working hard towards for a long time called Graduate School. I am going to start getting over-educated, over-worked, and over-exploited. And I am excited.

We (my cohort, that is) have already had a reading assignment. It wasn't bad by any means. Only 10 pages. It was the preface to the Handbook of Child Psychology. We will be reading most of the Handbook. :-D I didn't have to buy any books this semester (thank goodness, since the Handbook on Amazon used is $400!), but all of that money I thought I was saving is going straight to the printer. For only one class, I had to print out 88 pages for Tuesday. For the other course, we will have over 100 pages to read by Tuesday. The weird thing is... I don't think it will be hard to read it all. I think it will be hard to remember it all sufficiently enough to recall it and take part in meaningful discussion!

I was talking to my mom last night about how everyone says grad school is really, really hard. She told me that it isn't that bad. If it was really bad, no one would do it. I completely trust my mom, especially in this respect, since she went to law school. My sister, Emily, gave me similar advice (she survived law school, too). I figure this will be easier than law school. Probably the same amount of reading and need to understand the text, but I don't think my cohort is going to be at each others' throats for the 'A.' I will be rather surprised if there is sabotage in the Human Development Graduate Group!

Anyway, I hope to give you a nice report somewhat soon!


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