Peace Out!

Goodbye Salt Lake. I love your mountains, your residents, and your plain old awesomeness. But, alas, it is time for me to move to California and its green pastures, fine men, and that little thing called graduate school!

I am about to completely pass out. Because it is 4:30... and I will be leaving at about 8 AM. But I felt like I should post once more in Utah. I will certainly post here again (I'll be back for Mithras' birthday celebration) but it will be a while.

Get excited blog-readers, for I will be posting pictures of my apartment when it is all decorated. That will be in a few days, though, so hang tight!

I love you all! And apologize for any grammatical/spelling errors that are probably in this text but I am too tired to even give it a second read through.


Write again in Davis, CA!


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