Hello from #16! I am all moved in to my new apartment -- my happy, spacious apartment! Two rooms are ready for blogging... behold!

My bathroom with Emily's graduation gifts installed!
It has fabulous pink and blue tile --
which goes swimmingly with flamingoes and lime green!
Half of my kitchen!
The other half! I know what you want...
Close up of my Wedgewood stove!
It's been almost three days of packing, hauling, lifting, tossing, unpacking, repeat! For the most part, I've been moving by myself. I did get help on Sunday from my friends Rashelle and Andrew with the big/heavy stuff (bookcases, desk, mattress). Then last night, Sean and I went to Ikea and bought almost an apartment's worth of furniture and assembled my $80 dining table + chairs...

Cheap coffee table!
The table!
The bed I picked out is...

Which we'll assemble once my mattress and boxsprings arrive! Besides the $7 end tables and $20 coffee table (what did we do before the Swedes invaded the furniture business?!), I'll be making these this afternoon:

And... my break is over! Keep cool... it's only going to be 99* today!


6 remarks:

Sean de Guzman said...

"Which we'll assemble..." Thanks for volunteering me :)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so wonderful! Congrats on surviving the moving process! I love your new tables!

Krissy Grace said...

It looks very homy...homie...homeee (???)! I love it. You put such an adorable spin on everything.

Misty said...

That stove is awesome! Everything else is fun too!


The Damsel said...

Love it! Especially the bathroom.

sarah said...

i love your kitchen, btw. the stove looks fabulous. ;)