Happiness is...

  • A plate of gluten-free pasta at a party.
  • An email to a professor with a final paper attached.
  • The exhaustion and relief after a two hour presentation.
  • A cap, gown, and hood sitting on your table.
  • Spending time with someone who makes you laugh harder than you ever had before and makes the world a sunny, carefree place.
A funky tree.
Last night was the always fantastic First Saturday hosted by Katie and Nik. As usual, they prepared delicious food (gluten-free pasta especially for me!) and we had a great time playing what has come to be one of my favorite games, What's Yours Like? I also brought along a guest, one of particular charm and cuteness, for quite selfish reasons... I didn't want to not see him on Saturday night. Well, that and I was pretty sure that he would fit right in with some of the human development associated dudes. It was a very wonderful evening.

Earlier this week, I did my final presentation for my development in adulthood and aging course. I ended up doing my grant proposal on diabetes and various psychological factors (particularly attitudes towards aging and body dissatisfaction). I finished up my paper a few days later... it was quite possibly the best feeling in grad school I've had yet. So nice to have some of the quarter's work behind me! Things are wrapping up and I'm able to think about all the fun I'm going to have this weekend and this summer (sans studying for the preliminary exam)! It's basically a smile festival around here. :-)

2 remarks:

Katie said...

Aww! I'm so glad we made it into your post! And I'm so glad that the special meal made you so happy. :) We love having you over!!!

Emily said...

Yea! I love your blog! And yea for smiles fests!