God Loves Mormons and He Wants Some More

I've been a tiny bit blue today, largely due, I think, to the chaos in my tiny apartment and lack of anything Natalie-esque on the walls (and the big ugly spider I encountered in my bathroom). Fortunately tonight I am the lucky recipient of text messages from my dear Caitlin. For example: "I'm going to write a resume with my realistic accomplishments in life, like knowledge of every Ludacris guess verse ever and proficiency in awesomeness." Mine include: memorization of all Billy Joel songs, producing great work under pressure, enthusiasm, seriously fantastic procrastination skills, and ability to pick up on other peoples' funks.

Regardless, I want to share the opening to the 2011 Tony Awards with you... in case I already haven't made you watch it in person:

It's been fascinating to watch the disagreements about the intentions of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the evilness/goodness of the musical, etc, unfold on my friends' Facebook walls. I've largely kept out of them, except to mention how fantastic this song is:

Anyway, back to packing. I'll leave you with this gem of a song written at BYU:

4 remarks:

Grandma C said...

I had forgot about that fine Mormon wrap. Happy packing!

Emily said...

I like the idea of writing a resume with honest and random accomplishments. Mine include: vast experience painting walls and making sugar cookies, proven worrier, self-taught quilter and extensive knowledge of dance history.

Caitlin said...

Haha, I love this. I want to do an entire blog post dedicated to my realistic resume.

Anonymous said...

Mine will include: can't spell rap correctly, experienced driver on the Pennsylvania turnpike, have random knowledge of historical facts of the 1840s-1860s in Utah, Nevada and California, hamburger taste-tester, electrician.