Sayonara, Number Three, etc.

A little break from working to show you my lovely living room! First...

Au revoir, #3!
I cleaned my old apartment yesterday and said goodbye. As I walked to my new place, dragging luggage behind me, I thought about how much had happened while I lived there. A few of my favorite memories!

  • Driving from Anaheim on I-5 with my younger sister and mom in July 2009. We stayed the night. My mom filled the refrigerator with Diet Coke. My younger sister and I walked around the UCD campus. We got a little lost but found our way back.
  • Moving into the apartment officially in September 2009. My mom and I did it in about two days. My favorite was building the IKEA furniture when we were completely exhausted... I believe we put the desk together slightly backwards and we totally failed at making some boxes. It was a sad, sad moment when she left.
  • Watching the Jersey Shore, Community, and 30 Rock with Stephanie while we were slightly... quite drunk. We had a lot of intellectual discussions before class too... haha.
  • Sharing the 390 sq ft with visitors including my Ali last April and Emily and Taylor last June! And, of course, Ali and my mum just two weeks ago!
  • Christening my green shag carpet with Caitlin, blue bombsicles, and Paul Simon on the record player.
  • And, finally, a little less than two months ago when I shared my love of Pushing Daisies with a gentleman caller and became rather smitten. Just a bit. 
And now for my living room!

The front window with my snazzy butterfly chair! 
Home office.
A giant gap where seating will go!
My fancy home theater system with TV + DVD combo circa 1999.
As well as my wall heater, coat closet and door to my bedroom...
Which is emitting green light due to some beautiful trees outside my windows!
I've picked out a seating arrangement that is affordable and makes me super happy. I wanted one real bad in high school and now the adolescent Natalie's dreams are coming true!

"It is $600, brown, suede, seats 3 people, is 3 feet tall and 6 feet in... diameter."
"It's a circle?!"
"Well, sort of... it's a LoveSac!"
"Oh my god, that's so cool...
...in the 90s."
"Hey! Mean!"
It's going to look hella cool with my butterfly chair. And it's going to be hella sweet for studying for prelims.

And just a few more things worth blogging about...

See the hot air balloons?! Lovely things to be seen at my train station...
Quite possibly one of my favorite outings yet with Sean.
This may be the last blog post for a while! I am going to Pride in San Francisco this weekend with Sean and some of his family! Which is sure to be all sorts of awesome. I'm very excited. So expect a post all about this weekend!

4 remarks:

TahoeCaitlin said...

The apartment is looking GREAT! I love the green all over in the living room :) I am so happy for you and your Doctoral Pad!

The Damsel said...

Your apt is just so Natalicious.

Misty said...

Love the digs! And I want a butterfly chair!

Have fun in San Fran. I am super jealous. :)

You've inspired me to post about the house so soon I'll have the before pics and during-demo pics up.

Cheers to new living spaces!!!

Emily said...

Your new place is fantastic! So spacious! I love the front window. I can't wait to visit (but it will be in a little while)!