Good Morning Cloudy Skies

First, I apologize for the lack of blogging. I am alive and well, busy and happy.

Second, a very happy belated birthday blog mention for my sister! There's nothing like sisterly love. I am so grateful for a wise, sweet older sister who is my friend for life! And not by choice. ;-) Thanks, Em, for all the love and support and advice!

Third, I've enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning (don't worry, it's going to be a productive afternoon and evening!) after a particularly lovely Friday evening. I'm enjoying the cooler weather as a storm comes our way. It's prime photography overcast. Had I planned it, I would have taken my instant camera out and about. But that would require thought and there's not a whole lot of that going on today. Anyway, some delightful photos for your enjoyment.

I love the hot pink!

Cherry season! My favorite. Can't wait for Rainier cherries!

Just lovely.

I love the deep purple stems.

Just a little random.
Happy weekend!

2 remarks:

Caitlin said...

I love the photos! So pretty!

Emily said...

Thanks again for the fabulous gift!!! I love all your pink/red photos! Hope you are having a great day!