Songs I've Been Enjoying, etc.

A year ago or so, I would do a five things Friday. Here's one of those... except it's Thursday! But who's checking?

I was listening to Ray Charles quite a bit for a week because of the Kentucky Derby (I love his One Mint Julep). This is one of my favorites:

I've been on an awfully awesome 80's kick. All the world's a candy store. He's been trick-or-treatin':

And I've posted a link to this song before, but it's one of those that you really cannot listen to too much:

This tickles my Mormon funny bone:

And eh, there's nothing else I can say:

P.S. My friend, Andrew, drew a portrait of me on the TA office white board. It's been up for well over a week... makes me feel pretty cool...

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Caitlin said...

Love the new background! Love the songs too. One can never have enough Hall and Oates.