Little Music, Little Update

I've been listening to my driving mix quite a bit lately. It's about two hundred songs guaranteed to keep the mood positive, mouths singing, and eyes wide open.

  • Ben Folds' Lovesick Diagnostician (one reason why the fake Way to Normal is way better than the real one)
  • Hall & Oates' Rich Girl (high and dry, out of the rain, it's so easy to hurt others when you can't feel pain!)
  • Lily Allen's Friday Night (if I was a feisty drunk, this would be my song)
  • Rick Astley's... Never Gonna Give You Up (it's just so good!)
  • Conor Oberst's Sausalito (this is a great Northern California summer song -- not the greatest quality, unfortunately)
It makes driving to and from River City that much more fun.

Besides hanging in Sacramento, the end of the quarter is getting close which means things are about to get crazy. I have papers to grade, papers to write, and a presentation to make. I've really been enjoying my applied longitudinal data analysis "class" or basically just hanging out with some of my favorite fellow grad students and the best professor at Davis talking about one of my favorite topics... stats. It's cementing what I sort of learned last quarter in that multilevel modeling class.

In my class on development in adulthood and aging, we've begun our presentations and practicing for the big preliminary exam. I'm starting to get a little nervous but excited at the same time. I am looking forward to rereading some of the articles I read last year... we'll see how I feel about it this summer though!

I'm starting to make plans to visit Salt Lake, so mark your calendars Utahns! It's looking like I'll be there the last two weeks of July. I'd love to grab lunch, etc, with you... that is, if you can separate Daphne and me. :-)

And, back to work! Keep it clean!

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The Damsel said...

I want to play! I don't mind if Daphne comes along...