Back in Davis

Well, I'm settled back in Davis after my two amazing weeks in Salt Lake! The recap will come later, but for now what's happened between take off and present moment...

Lake Tahoe!

The flight home was very nice. My plane ended up being very delayed so Sean, who had about a 2 hour later flight, and I actually arrived in Sacramento at the same time! I was happy to be heading back to California and sad to be leaving Utah at the same time. That's the trouble with living somewhere you love away from family! I do miss the mountains already though. Oh, my Rockies.

But it's nice to come home to a sweet message...

Magnets rearranged (did you do that, Caitlin?!) and a little note are perfect homecoming surprises! As well was this...

This is the first time I've ever received a package from Lithuania! My blue Marimekko Unikko iPad sleeve arrived!

And the first thing to be unpacked were photos of my little Daphne Kate! Old pictures out, the best pictures ever in!

My niece is the sweetest! (And strongest, you should feel her grip!)
Since I've been back (a whole... 36 hours?), I've gotten serious about buying one of these puppies...

I want you, 2011 Honda Civic LX sedan.

Car buying isn't as fun as one would think. But somehow, someway I will be victorious!

Besides that... just a few small things. You know, the preliminary exam in about a month and a half... SRA proposal in two weeks... Greek study up and running. Yikes! Back to work!

2 remarks:

sarah said...

yay. you posted! :) when will i be seeing you and sean?!


Emily said...

The blogging has returned! I love your newly framed pictures! Happy studying!