A California Kid in a Utah World

So Sean here blogging from sunny Northern California.  Natalie asked me to guest blog on here about my recent visit to Salt Lake City.  First off though, here's another to cross off the list.

#24 Be a tourist in Salt Lake City  :)

The view of Salt Lake City from the University of Utah campus
So I know this is a long awaited post considering people have been bugging me about posting this for the past week.  So sorry about that!  I just ended up getting a little bit busier than I'd like.

Anyways, I flew into Salt Lake City two Wednesdays ago and was greeted by the beautiful Natalie with a big hug and smile that stretched from cheek to cheek.  It looked a little something like this...

On Thursday morning, I walked out into the front yard of Natalie's Mom's house and was greeted this view.

Mount Olympus
Later on in the day, Natalie took me to one of her favorite places in Utah...Cafe Rio!  At first, I thought it was all right, but boy did it grow on me.  I liked it so much, that we went back once more before I headed back home.

Sweet Pork Barbacoa Burrito Enchilada Style!
After munching on some Cafe Rio, we headed out to Bountiful to hang out with Daphne, Emily, and Taylor.  They're so cool and welcomed me right in.  We ended up staying there a lot longer than we expected, but it was totally worth it.

We then headed down to Temple Square to check out the Mormon Temple and temple grounds.  I was a little bit hesitant at first, but it was pretty cool.  All I can say is that it felt like I couldn't be any further away from home.  Definitely worth checking out.

What's up Moroni?!
Thursday was action packed so I was looking forward to heading back to Natalie's Mom's house to get some sleep.  The deck in their backyard is so sweet.  It's so nice to just hang out there and watch the sunset with a cool breeze.  It looked a little something like this.

Mill Creek sunset
On Friday, we headed up to Snowbird and Park City so I could let out the inner-snowboarder in me.  They were nothing like what I imagined and they were so close.  I'm used to driving an hour and a half up to North Lake Tahoe to Northstar so a half hour drive was nothing!

Later that night, I felt like driving around and snapping a few shots so we headed to the Capitol.  I really like how it's positioned on a hill that overlooks downtown Salt Lake City.  It's so picturesque.  I took so many shots, but here's one just for the Utahns.

State of Utah
On Saturday, we visited Ali over at Silver Bean Coffee.  She is by far the smartest, most educated barista to ever brew a pot of coffee.  She was greeting customers left and right and wowing them with her barista skills.

I guess she likes to smile while making coffee.
We ended Saturday hanging out with Natalie's family in the backyard and watched Ben as he grazed around the lawn.  Here's a picture of my favorite tunnel digger...I'm talking about Ben, not Natalie :)

A girl and her bunny
I had a lot of fun in Salt Lake City and can't wait to go back and visit.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Salt Lake during the winter to hit the slopes and of course to see everyone again!

So here we are back in California and enjoying the California sun.  Hope all is well with everyone, and I bet you guys can't wait until the next Sean guest blog appearance! ;)  Later!

Until next time Utah!

3 remarks:

sarah said...

nice!!! :) love the photos, brother! ...and i saw that ben has tons of friends on FB. how is that possible?! he must be super popular. must be from diggin' all of those tunnels.

Emily said...

I love Sean's post and his beautiful photos! I hope he is a guest blogger more often!

Cindy said...

Sean's photos are wonderful! Salt Lake looks great! Would it be possible to make arrangements to use one of the capitol on my website???