Conference Proposal!

I finished my poster proposal last night... or, well, this morning! Here is the super sexy title (thanks, Scott, for helping me chop it down!):

Yep! It turned out to be a lot of fun. I always forget how much fun I have writing and researching. Once I get past the tiny amount of anxiety, I love it. Anyway, here are some cool pie charts and one neat-o regression table.

Not surprisingly, people tend to date within their ethnic group (or multiethnic group). But still, there are differences in those rates. Also interesting, about 25% of the teens who were dating in my sample were in cross-ethnic relationships.

And my delightful regression table. Quick and dirty how-to-read regression table for my readers! The numbers in the table are slopes. So, for instance, for every one unit increase in peer interracial climate (good!), is associated on average with a 0.41 decrease in reported partner hostility. Isn't that spiffy? If you want to know what's going on with those interactions (exactly same-ethnicity times peer interracial climate -- simple, eh?), I can share. It's surprising!

One last thing, even though being in a cross-ethnic relationship was associated with a decrease in partner warmth, it wasn't associated with a decrease in happiness (not shown) or satisfaction. So while behavior within the relationship is different, teens in cross-ethnic relationships are just as happy and satisfied. Interesting, right?

In the end, better peer interracial climate is associated with less hostility in romantic relationship during late adolescence, regardless of the ethnic make-up of the couple. COOL.

So that's my proposal. This one was much easier to write than the one for SRCD. Practice makes better, I suppose. Well, now it's just me and prelims. If you have fingers to cross, please do so!

4 remarks:

Emily said...

Awesome and very interesting! I love pie charts!

Sean de Guzman said...

So this is what you were up to last night...sounds like it's way over my head!

Cindy said...

I love the pie charts and what you are learning in the process. You won't need any fingers crossed for the prelims - but I shall do it just for fun. Go Natalie! Woot! Woot!

sarah said...

i was gonna say... bet sean felt lost... but he got to it before me. ;)