Jumping on the bandwagon with some of you out in the blogosphere to spill out the goods...

Missing phone... as it was taking the photo!

My lovely purse is full of many wonderful things. My sweet Staedtler pens, 200C prelim exam notecards, pens and highlighter, Post-Its, iPad (usually in its sleeve), diabetes supplies and ibuprofen kept in a pencil case, wallet, valet key, something sweet, Chapstick, gum, and keys.

Not shown are the random receipts and miscellaneous papers than end up in my bag. This photo makes it look rather clean and organized. Not so.

...and this concludes this procrastination session.

2 remarks:

Cindy said...

Your bag is overflowing with marvelous things! And I love your green rug, too!

sarah said...

seriously, it looks organized. ...and why is it that we all throw in random papers in our bags. it's a horrible thing.