Christmas Eve Eve!

I had a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve today! Full of Christmassing and hanging out with the family. I spent the night at my sisters and had a delicious brunch with my dad and his wife! He brought me tasty gluten-free cookies and muffins. So much good food! Then I went back to my mom's for gingerbread housemaking...

My simple abode with a gingerbread robot!
My mom's house is so festive...

Her Christmas village.
Awesome ornaments!
Gorgeous ornaments.
Ali and I had a little eggnog, which we do about every year, remembering how not delicious eggnog is!

Mmm! More calories than ice cream.
We then relaxed, watching some classic Christmas cartoons, and Ali organized Christmas presents while I snuggled with Ben...

I am so excited that it is Christmas Eve! I am making a pot roast for dinner and hanging out with family all day. It is going to be fantastic. And I can't wait to open up presents and see if my family likes their gifts!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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