San Francisco and Merry (Early) Christmas!

I spent the weekend with Sean, my dad, and his wife in San Francisco. It was a beautiful weekend. Warm and clear, sunny skies! It was actually warmer in SF than Davis. Crazy. Anyway, Sean and I enjoyed being tourists in San Francisco. Here are some photos!

Lombard Street.
By my favorite bridge.
The view from Twin Peaks on a clear night.
Isn't it an incredible photograph? Sean has some serious skills.
In Chinatown.
My dad and I near Chinatown.
Me, my dad, and Caroline at the Golden Gate.
Another Golden Gate photo!
We ate delicious food. Like this AMAZING seafood Cobb salad.
Crab... shrimp... salmon... what more could a girl ask for?

It was a fantastic weekend. And when we got back we started our holiday festivities. I made some pretty tasty gluten-free white chocolate pretzels...

And I'm loving my slow cooker (artichoke pasta shown below)!

As we did with our birthdays, we just couldn't wait to give each other Christmas gifts. Sean rocks at shopping...

My new coat!
My new bangle!
My new water bottle!
Really cool -- has a filter built right in.
I got Sean an immersion blender which we tested out last night. We made delicious, fresh pesto mayonnaise! It's going to be fun to taste all the sauces Sean makes!

3 remarks:

sarah said...

i see a kate bangle!!! :) love the photos!! and the new bottle too! i have the green version of that. :)


Emily said...

Awesome photos! You guys have too much fun!

Misty said...

Sean is a keeper! That bangle is lovely! Pics are adorable and make me miss San Fran terribly. :)

Let me know your schedule for SLC and we can try something out in my kitchen!