Twenty Five Before Twenty Five!

It took me a while to compile this list but, voila!, here it is! It does include a number of items from my twenty four before twenty four list...

So excited to knock these off!

25 before 25
1. Go backpacking.
2. Walk across the Golden Gate.
3. Have a gluten-free beer tasting.
4. Take a midnight walk on the beach.
5. Make gluten free pasta.
6. Paint.
7. Do an entire roll of instant film using strangers and subjects.
8. Make my own goat cheese.
9. Take the train to Reno.
10. Solve a Rubix cube.
11. Attend Midnight Mass.
12. Pick a pineapple in Hawaii.
13. Host a dinner party.
14. Lose 25 pounds.
15. Get my A1C below 7.5.
16. Take a trip along CA-1.
17. Make gluten free bagels.
18. Go on a Segway tour of San Francisco.
19. Snowshoe.
20. Make my own amazing CrockPot recipe.
21. Camp in Yosemite.
22. Learn to and catch a fish.
24. Make stained glass.
25. Embroider pillow cases.

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Cindy said...

This is a great list! Enjoy!