April Showers Bring Cute Pictures of Ben

Dear Blogosphere,

So I decided to let Ben have a run for a while this evening, thinking he'd keep smart and stay on the deck. Well... he apparently decided to venture out in the rain. I watched for him to come back to our deck. I couldn't help but snap these adorable pictures of him. I did my best to dry him off with a towel but there's still a lot of work to do.

And now you all know about my night owl tendencies....

On an unrelated note, I have decided to go to UC Davis! I'm quite excited and nervous. I just think that this may be the only opportunity to live in California, so I should take it! I can always live in Utah. :-) I'll get to know new people at Davis and with new people comes new knowledge. So while this is a risk, I feel like it will be worth it. I'm single and 21. What better time for an adventure???

It was so hard to decline the U's offer. I absolutely hated writing the email and I just wanted to hide in the AEB building all day. The two professors I talked to today had different responses. One was sad that I wasn't staying. I'm sad, too. I wish I could combine the two programs, and take my favorite professors with me. Unfortunately the universe doesn't work that way. The other was happy for me and let me know that even though I'm not at the U, he is willing and happy to help me out (choosing courses, how to approach researchers, etc). I get a little emotional when I think of how much these profs have supported me. I don't know how anyone could go through applying to grad school without a support system (not to mention just having people "on the inside") and the fact that they are willing to stay with me as I continue my education means the world to me.

And now I'm crying.


Anyway, much more to blog in the future, but for now: Here's to change and here's to risk!


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kayla said...

it is definitely the perfect time to have an adventure! of course i'll miss the crap out of you, but i bet you'll really love living in davis. plus, it's not forever, so you get to come back. :)