Small Dents

Dear Blogosphere,

This weekend I feel like I've only made small dents in my workload. Done so far:

-Human Sexuality Journal (I promise it isn't as interesting and raunchy as it sounds)
-Concert Report #2
-Listening Guide
-4 Attachment & Divorce Articles Read
-Half of Introduction to Attachment & Divorce Paper + Citations
-Quality Bunny-Bonding Time

Left to go:
-22 Attachment & Divorce Articles
-Attachment Paper
-Statistics Poster (this one is haunting my dreams) + the Actual Work of Running Regressions & Interpreting Them
-Human Sexuality Final (easy)
-Music Final (easy)
-Finish Compiling Stories

On a different note, here is some concert footage (1977) of Billy Joel's The Stranger. Let me know if you can whistle the pitch at 0:44. I have been trying... and I can't!

I'm going to go and get some real work done now. Woot woot!


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