Easter Bunnies Past & Present

Dear Blogosphere,

Easter is one of my favorite holidays -- mostly because it is bunny-centric. And hard-boiled eggs are delicious. This year, I took Easter into my own hands (and Ben's paws) and made little Easter baskets for my family, as you can see below. The Reester bunny (haha!) looks quite a bit like Ben.

Here is a picture of the current Easter Bunny -- Benjamin Jeremiah Rumson, III -- and the sisters. Ben is a big French lop and is house-trained. He is very mellow but curious and mischievous, too.

Here is the last past Easter Bunny, Hufflepuff, and I. Aww... good times. Puffs was a little neurotic outdoor bunny. She loved junk food, like saltine crackers and fruit snacks.

And of course, Polka Dots Checks and Stripes, my first bunny (and me)! Chexy, as we called him for short, loved me. He would go on bike rides with me, sitting in my basket. He loved gardening with my mom (a lot like Ben) and would just lay in my arms. So, he actually liked the position he was in when this picture was taken.

I unfortunately don't have pictures of TWR (The White Rabbit) and Stars & Stripes on my computer, or I'd share those, too. TWR was a sweet angora who did many tricks and Stars & Stripes was a very independent Dutch. So, this Easter or Passover, remember the rabbits, real or fictional, who have touched your lives!

And, if you're interested in adopting a bunny, there is always a flood of rabbits to the Humane Society after Easter. They typically have a deal where every rabbit is $10. Good information about rabbits as pets can be found at The House Rabbit Society.


2 remarks:

kayla said...

natalie! that little girl picture is the most adorable thing i've ever seen!

Jenica said...

Ben is the best name for a bunny. Also, you were a cute bunny holding kid.